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The Wichita Gem & Mineral Society recognizes the outstanding commitments of its members and is pleased to offer awards for service and community engagement.

Life Members

Members who have supported the club and community with their membership and engagement for more than 30 years.

Rockhounds of the Year

The Rockhound of the Year Award is presented to the recipient(s) at the general meeting in May. The recipient(s) must have been a member at least (5) continuous years and be a current member. Must have actively participated in the annual show three (3) of the past five years and be active during the current year. Must have demonstrated sustained interest in the earth sciences hobby and WGMS. Must hold or have held elective or appointive office(s) or have served on a committee. Must have demonstrated the ability to work cooperatively and effectively with other club members. Must not have previously received this honor. This award may include, but is not limited to Show Committee members.

Outstanding Service Award

This honor shall be named outstanding service award and an individual plaque shall be presented to the recipient(s) at the annual Anniversary Party in January. The recipient(s) must have been a member for 5 continuous years and be a current member. Must have displayed sustained interest in the earth sciences hobby and WGMS. Must hold or have held elected or appointed office(s), or served the society in other outstanding ways. Must display willingness to assist those entering the hobby. Must have demonstrated leadership within the organization and ability to work cooperatively and effectively with others. Must not previously have received this honor. Nominations in writing may be submitted to the President by any WGMS member prior to October board meeting If both husband and wife have been actively involved both should be nominated as joint recipients. The President at the October Board meeting shall appoint an award committee composed of three members, two from the board and one not from the board (none nominees) to review the nominees for eligibility and to report to the board at the December board meeting, at which time an election ballot will be conducted. There being a quorum, the election shall be majority vote of the board of directors present and voting, on or before December 30th. The chairman of the Award Committee shall, prior to a vote being taken, name each nominee and their qualification to receive this award. The Award Committee named above shall act as tellers to count the ballots and shall be responsible for obtaining the individual plaque, having name(s) engraved on the WGMS Plaque and planning an appropriate presentation. After adoption, these rules may not be changed except by majority vote of the board of directors.

Rockhound of the Year Award Recipients

2018 Tony Giardina

2017 Susan Bannon

2016 Sandy Whiting

2015 Bob Haines

2014 Joe & Ardis Cruz

2013 Larry Skelton

2012 Greg Weisbrod

2011 Alan DeGood

2010 Merle & Carolyn White

2009 Lyle Koerper

2008 Paul & Ann Radiel

2007 George & Vi Mack

2006 David Hardin

2005 Peggy & Gene Maggard

2004 Jim & Patti Ballou

2003 Lloyd Reikeman

2002 Ray Adams

2001 Alice Piper

2000 Wes & Peggy Stambaugh

1999 Pat Clough-McCombs

1998 Bob & Janet Biven

1997 Jack & Lillian Simmons

1996 Bob & Dorothy Nibarger

1995 Pearl Burden

1994 Orwin & Ruth Weishaar

1993 Fred Bower

1992 Nola Nelson

1991 Jim Nutter

1990 Patti Eubank

1989 Bill & Fay Ripper

1988 Bob & Ida Crouch

1987 Claude & Naomi Matney

1986 John Johnson

1985 Velma Newlin

1984 Mary & Curley Clough

1983 Jessie Cook & Leroy Dumler

1982 Stan & Marge Ayers

1981 Rex Hile & Wayne Armstrong

1980 Bill Reed & Melvin Lentz

1979 Clayton Grace

1978 Walt & Ruth Broderson

1977 Dean & Fern Thomas

1976 Clarence Newlin

1975 Ray Wolfe

1974 Alice Young

1973 John Gholson

1972 Gib Henry

1971 Rolo Parker

1970 Walt Fisher

1969 Brace Helfrich

Outstanding Service Award Recipients

2019 Kay Johnson

2018 Al White

2017 George and Vi Mack & Marvaline Ray

2016 Tony Giardina

2015 Carolyn White

2014 Pat Clough

2013 Susan Bannon

2012 Don Atherton

2011 Joe & Ardis Cruz

2010 David Hardin

2009 Paul & Ann Radiel

2008 Sandy Reikeman

2007 Gene & Peggy Maggard

2006 Lyle & June Koerper

2005 Alan DeGood

2000 Ray Adams

2004 Bob & Janet Biven

2003 Wes & Peggy Stambaugh

2002 Sandy Whiting

2001 Delbert Ebersole

1999 Bill Ripper

1998 Jim & Vennetta Nutter

1997 Orwin & Ruth Weishaar

1996 Claude & Naomi Matney

1995 Curley & Mary Clough

1994 Bob & Ida Crouch

1993 Alice Piper

1992 Stanely Ayers

1991 Pearl Burden

1990 Everette Boley

1989 John Gohlson

1988 Clayton & Margurite Grace

1987 Chester Dine

WGMS Life Members


Asher, George

Biven, Janet

Clough, Mary

Crossland, Dennis

Crossland, Linda

DeGood, Alan

Folger, Lloyd

Lentz, Bernita

Mack, Vyonne

Matney, Naomi

Murphy, Sara

Radiel, Paul

Radiel, Ann

Shannon, Dana